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How To Enjoy Your Own Tea Party While Listening To Tea Time With Teen Day!

Not every tea party needs to be elaborate or require weeks of preparation. Every week you can enjoy a simple tea with your teens while listening to beautiful music played on Tea Time with Teen Day every Saturday at 8am/8pm (PT)! Busy Saturday mornings? Don't worry! Tea time has archives that you can play at anytime, whenever you want a simple tea party! Click the link to listen to any of the Tea Time archive shows . Your teenagers will really enjoy this tradition especially if they don't do this sort of thing often. Every person has within him the desire to connect with the past. Listening to these orchestrations from Broadway, Hollywood Classics and "The Great American Songbook" will bring an endearing experience to your tea party and to those in-between hours of relaxation. Want To See How Simple Throwing Your Own Tea Party Can Be? Watch this short video! Tea Party Food Since this is a morning party, plan to serve breakfast during the party. Relax, you and your t

Luau Birthday Party: The Perfect Summer Birthday Bash

One great theme for a summer birthday is a luau birthday party! Everyone loves dressing in grass skirts, leis and coconut bras at least once in their lifetime! Okay well maybe not the coconut bras, but how about those hats? Read on and find out what kinds of foods to serve, decorations to use, and fun to have at your luau party! Luau Birthday Party Itinerary Adapt to your own party but our luau party looked like this: 11:00 - Guests arrive and party begins 11:30 - Swimming 1:00 - Lunch 2:00 - Cake and presents 2:30 - Hula dancing and games or more swimming 4:00 - Party over Luau Birthday Party Foods Traditionally pork is served. The pork is usually kālua, which means "to cook in an underground oven". To simplify things throw a pork sirloin roast in a crock pot at least 6 hours before the party.  Add this GAPS friendly BBQ sauce to the slow cooker. Near the end of the cooking time, add some pineapple chunks for some extra Hawaiian flair. Serve with these yummy Keto GAPS legal

The Gauntlet

It all started when Peter put on a gauntlet. Then he woke up in the 14th century... Get a peek into the thrilling novel, The Gauntlet, about friendship and self-sacrifice. The Gauntlet is written by Ronald Welch, published by Lepanto Press, and illustrated by T. R. Freeman. It is a book that every child should read because it is not only well written but easy to understand. The Gauntlet takes place in Wales and takes the reader to the 20th century for about a week and then back in time to the 14th century for about two months. The story revolves around Peter, an ancestor of the ancient Blois family. The Gantlet is a book about friendship and self-sacrifice. "This Is Welsh Land" The Gauntlet is an adventure and mystery novel because not only is the reader learning about medieval life, but he is also introduced to the mysterious tomb of the strange and forgotten Peter de Blois. The author clearly paints the dislike between the French lords and the Welsh chieftains at this

The Singing Tree Book Summary

The Nagy family shows love to each other twice. One of the ways they show this is when they are housing their uncle and his daughter, Kate. Later in the story, Janci and Kate go and bring their Grandparents to live with them. They do both of these things out of love for their family.   The Singing Tree book summary shows that families can be loving to each other, to their friends and even to their enemies. The Nagys also are loving to their friends.  The Nagys bring a girl whose father is at the war to live with them. After some time, they also welcome her mother to their ever growing household. On top of that they take in a sick friend of theirs and her newborn baby. They lovingly care for all of these friends until their husbands and fathers return from the war.  Soon they are even welcoming a few people from the countries they are at war with: eight German children and eight Russian men. They are truly loving to their enemies. Through all there troubles, the Nagys are never too busy