A Great Historical Adventure Fiction: The Winged Watchman


Historical Adventure Fiction

The historical adventure fiction, The Winged Watchman, by Hilda van Stockum, published by Bethlehem books, is about a family’s struggle during the Nazi occupation in Holland during World War II.

The main character, Joris, was six years old when the Germans invaded Holland. The story follows the bravery and courage of his family during this hard time. Joris and his older brother, Dirk Jan, encounter dangerous message deliveries, English weapon droppings in the middle of the night, and personally help an aviator escape the country.

Joris' Bravery: Escape of the Aviator

Historical Adventure Fiction

Joris is brave and does things to help others. He may be young but he is very interested in the war and wants to help anyone he can. He and Dirk Jan discover an English refugee hiding in an old mill. Joris’ greatest act of heroism is helping the English Charles escape Holland.

Dirk Jan's Mission: The Weapon Dropping

Dirk Jan is Joris’ brother. He is daring too. Dirk Jan is commissioned with the task of delivering a message for his uncle to The Underground. If he is caught by the Germans, he will be sent to a Nazi camp. He bravely and successfully delivers the instructions on where a weapon dropping is to take place.

Uncle Cor: The Sacrifice of a Hero

Uncle Cor is the boys’ uncle. He is secretly an Underground hero. He organizes weapon droppings and helps people escape to allied countries. Pulling off disguises from SS soldier to St. Nicholas, Uncle Cor is constantly helping refugees and smuggling prisoners out of Holland. 

The Winged Watchman : A Great Historical Adventure Fiction Bottom Line

In this trying period of history, Joris proves his bravery and generosity by helping Charles escape to England. Dirk Jan manifests his daring and wit as he delivers a message right under the German’s nose. Uncle Cor is the symbol of patriotism and sacrifice as he offers all his talent to helping his fellow suffering men. In the end of the story the boys get the experience of a lifetime as they help in The Underground and assist people who need them.


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