How To Enjoy Your Own Tea Party While Listening To Tea Time With Teen Day!

Not every tea party needs to be elaborate or require weeks of preparation. Every week you can enjoy a simple tea with your teens while listening to beautiful music played on Tea Time with Teen Day every Saturday at 8am/8pm (PT)!

Busy Saturday mornings? Don't worry! Tea time has archives that you can play at anytime, whenever you want a simple tea party! Click the link to listen to any of the Tea Time archive shows.

Your teenagers will really enjoy this tradition especially if they don't do this sort of thing often. Every person has within him the desire to connect with the past.

Listening to these orchestrations from Broadway, Hollywood Classics and "The Great American Songbook" will bring an endearing experience to your tea party and to those in-between hours of relaxation.

Want To See How Simple Throwing Your Own Tea Party Can Be?

Watch this short video!

Tea Party Food

Since this is a morning party, plan to serve breakfast during the party. Relax, you and your teens will have the most fun if no one is too concerned about having everything perfect every time. And most importantly: be confident.

Everyone likes a confident hostess. You come across like you know what you're doing (no matter how confused you feel on the inside).

Serve something as boring as pop tarts or something as exciting as crumpets and jam! (Note: if you serve pastries, serve with a hardboiled egg, sausage links or something filling. You don't want to leave the table still feeling hungry!)

And, of course, tea. If you want, make one pot of one flavor of tea, or just heat the kettle and let each teenager make his own tea in his own cup.

Tea Party Feeling

A simple tea party needs some simple decorations. Have fun! Get out a floral or plain white table cloth to place on the table. Put a store-bought or homemade bouquet on as your center piece.

Take out your best tea ware for your party. If you want some extra fun, dress in your Sunday best or a pretty ladies hat (if you're a lady) and really make it old fashioned and fun. You and your teenagers will enjoy this special morning and using the best that you have on a weekly basis.

Tea Party Fun

The activity of this party is listening to beautiful music which is provided by Tea Time with Teen Day and conversation. Try to talk about pleasant things (you won't be able to do otherwise listening to the soothing music!) You might want to make it a rule not to talk about politics or movies.

This can be a wonderful time of bonding when you and your teenagers can tie heartstrings while enjoying each other in a pleasant and wholesome atmosphere.


Your teenagers may enjoy dressing up like a different era in history or different country around the world each week: a regency week, an early 1940's week, an Arabian week, an English week...etc. Or choose one of the themes below.

Once in a while, you may want to invite a friend to your wholesome weekend routine. Your guest will probably love this relaxing time which is largely absent in our culture today.

Themed Teas

If you like tea parties and want to take it to a real celebration, such as a teenage party, you will love these variations.

Arabian Nights Tea Party

Did you know that tea is an Arabian hospitality tradition? Bring your party to Arabia and celebrate with an Arabian themed tea! At this party you will be able to try Arabian foods, decorate with the rich colors of Arabia, and try some themed games. You can't go wrong with this party!

Mad Hatter's Tea

"We're all mad here"...a Mad Hatter's tea party theme will get all your guests to join in the fun of being mad. With costumes, a themed tea, and royal croquet court, enjoy a "very merry birthday to you!"

Jane Austen Tea

Throw a Jane Austen tea birthday party. Get dressed up as the well known characters from any Jane Austen novel and have fun with these ideas for food, activities and decorating. You will love traveling to the Recency era for this birthday party!

Princess Tea

A princess tea party is another great way to celebrate a teenage girl's birthday. Be positively elegant with your tea and cookies, play tea-related games and use the softest florals to decorate for your party. You can even add old fashioned attire. Great aspects for this party all around!

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