The Singing Tree Book Summary

The Nagy family shows love to each other twice. One of the ways they show this is when they are housing their uncle and his daughter, Kate. Later in the story, Janci and Kate go and bring their Grandparents to live with them. They do both of these things out of love for their family. 
The Singing Tree

The Singing Tree book summary shows that families can be loving to each other, to their friends and even to their enemies.
The Nagys also are loving to their friends. 

The Nagys bring a girl whose father is at the war to live with them. After some time, they also welcome her mother to their ever growing household. On top of that they take in a sick friend of theirs and her newborn baby. They lovingly care for all of these friends until their husbands and fathers return from the war. 

Soon they are even welcoming a few people from the countries they are at war with: eight German children and eight Russian men. They are truly loving to their enemies.

Through all there troubles, the Nagys are never too busy to think of others.

The Nagys' Love Toward Their Family

The Nagys are loving and helpful to their family.They are kind to Kate and her father. 
They allow Kate and her father to live with them. When Kate’s father dies fighting in the war, the Nagys continue to house Kate.

The Nagys are also kind to Grandma and Grandpa. After the food runs out of the town that Grandma and Grandpa are living in, Janci and Kate go and bring them back to the Nagy household. There Grandma and Grandpa happily live until the end of the War. How could the Nagys be any kinder to the members in their family?

The Nagys' Love Toward Their Friends

The Nagys are also kind to their friends. One of the friends that the Nagys help is Lily Kormos.

Lily is a saucy, prim, and proud young lady. Her father sends her to live with the Nagys to improve her attitude. While she is staying at the Nagys, Lily's father is called away to the war. Since her mother is sick, she has no choice but to stay at the Nagys. At the end of her stay with the Nagys, Lily is entirely changed. She is kind and humble.

One of the friends that received a warm welcome to the Nagy home was Lily's mother, Mrs. Kormos. Mrs. Kormos soon is well enough to leave the hospital. The people at the hospital finally find the time ripe to send her home. Since Mr. Kormos is at the war and Lily is living with the Nagys, Mrs. Kormos decides to stay at the Nagys with her daughter.

Another friend that the Nagys are loving to is Mari and her baby. Mari has her first baby while Peter, her husband is away at war. So the Nagys take in Mari and her baby. The Nagys are very kind to their friends.

The Nagys' Love Toward Their Enemies

The Nagys were not only kind to their family and friends, but also to their enemies.

After the war has been going on some time, there were so many Russian prisoners that the army cannot take care of them all. So there is a newspaper ad that asks for a few families that will help in the feeding of all the prisoners. So the Nagys, who are always ready to help, take the charge of six, big, Russian prisoners. These Russians soon become very helpful on the farm.

The Nagys later take them in six little German kids. These poor little children come starving for want of food. But they leave plump and happy. The Nagys are loving to all, no matter who they are at war with.

Conclusion To The Singing Tree Book Summary

The Nagys display a loving nature to all. They are loving to their family. They take care of Kate and Grandma and Grandpa.

They are loving to their friends, Mari, Lily, and Mrs. Kormos.

They also are kind to their enemies. They take care of both Germans and Russians.

The Singing Tree book summary bottom line: The conclusion left the reader feeling unsatisfied. It was engaging however and the love demonstrated by the Nagy family is admirable. If all families were like the Nagy family we would have a less hungry and a kinder world.

Thanks for taking the time to read the Singing Tree book summary. Even though this is a popular book report book for homeschoolers, it is not a favorite in our home.

Since Janci is a main character, this could be a great gift for boys. There are also many girls characters and could also be a favorite of many girls.


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