Family Fun With Art And Crafts

 Art and Crafts

If art and crafts are your thing or if you want to learn how to make it your thing, check out all our how tos for seasonal or any day crafts. From beginners to adults you'll find something here.

Art and crafts for the family include seasonal crafts, fine arts and handicrafts. Learning to draw in the very least is something everyone can and should do. 

Art and Crafts


Seton Educational Media sells some nice drawing books for younger grades. They also sell some nice Bible history books. Using the two together makes for a nice drawing program.  This is a good activity for people of all ages. The only adjustment is the level of drawing or Bible history stories. Mature people can be read straight from the Bible. Try these Old Testament favorites first.

To begin, teach the drawing lesson. Read the Bible story as the students draw a picture of the story, then allow as much time as desired to practice the drawing technique being studied. 


Handicrafts are an art and crafts category that take on a useful purpose. They are the opposite of fine art which is meant to be enjoyed as a decoration. Hobbies like woodworking and furniture making are handicrafts.

Learning fiber art handicrafts is a skill the entire family can enjoy and take pride in. Caring for wool producing animals, spinning wool, and crocheting are all part of this hobby.

Holiday Crafts

Sham-wow and I recently learned how to make mosaics. It is something I hope to do more often with all the children in the future.

Pastels are also a fine art.

Easy Art And Craft For Kids

These very cute glasses were very easy and entertaining for Deckers. He made them as a gift for Grandma! This craft would be perfect for a birthday party activity as well.

All you'll need is:

  • Cheap sunglasses with large area frames
  • Clear caulk for bathtubs
  • Craft jewel gems

Pool a puddle of glue (silicone caulk).

Smear it on to the area of the glasses you will be decorating.

Then stick the gems on.

It will take about an hour to dry.

Tip for success: Let the child design it himself, but encourage them to balance the design on each side. It will turn out much nicer that way.

Teen Craft Ideas

Here's another gift for Grandma inspired craft. This is a great gift idea for any one who is special to your family. It comes from everyone which makes it nice also.

You will need: 

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paper twist
  • Buttons and bling
  • Things lying around in your craft box. We found a few old fuzzy bunnies and bears.
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Wooden discs
  • Ribbon

Here's how to make this cute "We <3 Grandma" wreath: 

  1. Glue the ribbon onto four popsicle sticks. On the sticks write: "We" and "Grandma" Then put a heart-shaped button in between. 
  2. Write your names on the wooden disks and glue them onto the popsicle sticks. We put a the persons favorite color bling onto the disks. 
  3. Glue the bling all over the popsicle sticks. 
  4. Open the paper twist and coil it around three pipe cleaners that have been twisted into each other.
  5. Decorate it using your buttons, bling, and your random items. 
  6. Hang the "We love Grandma" sign from the wreath you decorated. 
  7. Give it to your grandma, and watch her face beam with joy!!


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