St. Joseph Coloring Page

This St. Joseph coloring page is provided for your personal use. Coloring is fun and finding online printable makes it all the better.

St. Joseph Coloring Page

God raised St. Joseph to the highest sanctity, and fitted him to be the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster-father and guardian of the Incarnate Word.

Being the shadow of the Eternal Father upon earth St. Joseph had every virtue that is most admirable in a man. Sacred Scripture says that St. Joseph was a just man, he was pure and innocent, gentle and tender and worthy enough to be called the father of Jesus. He was a lover of silence and a comrade of angels.

You may notice the youth portrayed in this St. Joseph coloring page. To paraphrase Fulton Sheen says that the image of an aged St. Joseph was used in art "in order to better safeguard the virginity of Mary. Somehow, the assumption had crept in that age was a better protector of virginity than adolescence. Art thus unconsciously made Joseph a spouse, chaste and pure, by age rather than virtue...

"To make Joseph appear pure only because his flesh had aged is like glorifying a mountain stream that has dried. The Church will not ordain a man to the priesthood who has not his vital powers. She wants men who have something to tame, rather than those who are tame because they have no energy to be wild. It should be no different with God...

"Joseph was probably a young man, strong, virile, athletic, handsome, chaste, and disciplined; the kind of man one sees sometimes shepherding sheep, or piloting a plane, or working at a carpenter's bench.

"Instead of being a man incapable of love, he must have been on fire with love...Instead, then, of being dried fruit to be served on the table of the king, he was rather a blossom filled with promise and power. He was not in the evening of life, but in its morning, bubbling over with energy, strength, and controlled passion."

Feast day: March 19th
Please say a little prayer for our artist, Bee Jay.


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