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Provided here are five young adult book reviews of interesting books for the summer: The Merchant of Venice, The Cross and the Guillotine, David Copperfield, Christopher Columbus, and The Scarlet Letter

Young Adult Book Reviews

#1 Young Adult Book Reviews: The Merchant Of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is a perfect book for this age group. This play is neither too complicated for young minds nor too dumbied down.

This story tells of Antonio, a rich merchant from Venice and his gamble with Shylock, a greedy and grasping Jew who is willing to take any risk to see Antonio dead. Also on the scene is Antonios best friend, Bassanio and his courtship with the lovely Portia.

It is a story with complex characters and an even more complex plot. A good read for anyone who likes to think.

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#2 Of Young Adult Book Reviews: The Guillotine and the Cross

As this book was written by our family-favorite historian, Warren Carroll, The Guillotine and the Cross is a very vivid portrayal of the hardships brought on the people of France during the French Revolution.

It gives the reader the well known as well as the little known facts about this era. And all is told in a way that, far from feeling combersomely instructive, is interesting and makes you want to finish the book in one sitting. (Which I just about did, since I was waiting at the airport.)

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#3 Of Young Adult Book Reviews: David Copperfield

Enter the fascinating mind of Charles Dickens in David Copperfield, a delightful, although a little long, novel. This book follows the fortunes and misfortunes of David Copperfield as he matures into manhood.

Along the way he meets many different personalities, friendly and menacing, who will play an important role in his understanding as a mature man. He learns to love what is truly good and not apparent goods. This novel is a classic, a romance, and a lesson: all in one.

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#4 Of Young Adult Book Reviews: Christopher Columbus

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#5 Of Young Adult Book Reviews: The Scarlet Letter

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